First Award!

Dear Walterians,

Quincy here. I think it's about time for an update, eh?

We got an award! Details after the introspective ramble below if you want to skip ahead.

Introspective ramble:
Since the screenings in September I have been submitting to festivals. I'd like to say that we've been accepted to all of them, but, alas, that is not the case. The feedback I got on the film back in September was so positive that it breathed a second wind into me. I sent the film out with some minor changes. Since then, I've just been waiting... and waiting to get a non-rejection letter. There are still announcement dates to come, but I did swing for the fences admittedly.  So, no festival announcements just yet.  But there are a lot of festivals that still need to announce their selections.

I'm holding off on entries for the moment. I've decided to hand the film over to Red Lion Films to help clean up the flow a bit and fix some minor technical issues I've been struggling with. Then, back to submitting. As for DVDs and streaming, that is to be determined. I'd like to see the film at a few festivals, whether they be big or small, before I begin distribution. 

Award details:


Ed's Whale has received an award of recognition from the Impact Docs Awards! Yay! The Impact Docs is an organization that recognizes films which leave a mark surrounding a particular issue or raise awareness. In other words, films that leave, well, an impact. I'm honored by this as should everyone who helped make this weird little film a reality.

Keep flyin'!